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You may remember us as Heritage Oak Frames Ltd, the well-established traditional oak frame and restoration specialists. We’ve come a long way since our early days of using the more time-honoured means of design, cutting and installation of oak frames.

Today, we use our extensive experience to bring a highly innovative approach to our art: emphasis is on cutting edge methods and 3D visualisation software to create bespoke home, extension and outbuilding design, manufacture and installation. This includes groundworks and footings, oak frame creation and oak frame glazing and the manufacturing of standardised and bespoke encapsulation systems – off-site, pre-insulated, closed-panel timber frames.

We also offer bespoke joinery – doors and windows etc. and the design, manufacture and installation of completely off-site manufactured (modular, if you like) buildings.

So, with the English Home Co. those draughty buildings of old are no more. In their place are buildings that are as warm to live in as they are in character; extraordinary in stature and design.

Our decision to change our name reflects our progression and embraces all of the services we offer today. A different name; the same outstanding reputation, high standards and values that we have become synonymous with over the years.


Every project requires planning, discussion and thought – we don’t rush you, our goal is to ensure your building is exactly what you have dreamed of.


We discuss the possibilities for your project with you. It’s all about you. We will seek to learn what it is you need and want from the new space and create a project brief.


We’ll design an inspiring building that meet the brief. We will create & refine a 3D vision of your new space.


Once you are 100% happy, we will craft your new building. Your inspiring new space will be realised by our experienced team.