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Project Description

Restoration of Woolley Hall

The restoration of historic buildings at Woolley Hall. The total cost: undisclosed.

The client:

The conservation consultancy and subsequent restoration project was undertaken for one of the country’s most prestigious development companies.

Design brief:

Consultancy was required to identify and provide documentary evidence of the need, method and style of conservation work to be undertaken. Subsequently, conservation and restoration work was required to fulfil the requirements of the local authorities in restoring the historically important structures to their former glory.

Challenges encountered:

The development of the impressive, grade II listed, 18 th century country house necessitated delicate restoration of the huge oak pergolas and summer house, located in what would be the communal grounds of the new development. The restoration work was under close scrutiny by the local authorities, and needed to be fully compliant with the development firm’s policies. A 100 year old Wisteria had been cultivated over each of the pergola structures, and up one façade of the summer house. It had wrapped itself around almost each and every timber, and the health of the important wisteria had to be protected.


A survey of the structures and subsequent consultancy of the findings was commissioned. Documentary evidence of condition of all 370 timbers in the two pergola structures and the summer house balustrade and deck was submitted. Structural calculations were prepared, and methods for the repair or replacement of each and every relevant timber were drawn up, ensuring minimal impact on the wisteria.

Key features:

The 283 timbers that needed repair or replacement have had the original details and profiles faithfully re-produced; each of the oak joists have a highly detailed profile hand-cut on each end. The summer house balustrade incorporates some very beautiful, painstakingly restored latticed panel work.

Why we like it:

The sheer scale of these structures is extraordinary. The feeling one gets when walking from the boulevard to the summer house, beneath the magnificent wisteria when in full bloom, is breath-taking; as is the feeling one gets from helping to bring a little history back to life, knowing the joy it will bring to so many.

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